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Recenzija: Helen Fisher: Anatomija ljubavi - prirodoslovna povijest parenja, brakova i ljubavi

Novinar: Zašto pišete o ljubavnim vezama?
Nora Ephron: Postoji li nešto drugo?

Zato što zam zaljubljena u ljubav, zaljubljena sam i o istraživanje o njoj. To vam je kao kad volite neki sport, pa pratite sve utakmice, transfere i statističke podatke koji su vam iz nekog razloga bitni i zanimljivi. Ili volite kuhati pa ćete pokušati pronaći sto i jedan recept o tome kako najbolje iskoristiti peršin. 
Tako i ja volim pročitati i neku znanstveno potaknutu činjenicu o tome što je i zašto je ljubav uvijek prisutna u svakom aspektu našeg života. 
Upravo zato zainteresirala sam se za priručnik 
 Anatomija ljubavi - prirodoslovna povijest parenja, brakova i ljubavi iz Znanja.
Ova knjiga od nevjerojatnih 500 stranica otkrit će vam puno iznenađenja i približiti vam ponašanje ljudi s različitih strana svijeta. Pa da vidimo onda o čemu ona govori.

Review: Helen Fisher: Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love

I'm in love with love, and because I love it, I like to read about it. And I'm not just talking about reading romance novels. Some people like sports. They watch sports matches and follow statistics of their favorite team or player. Those who like cooking would probably do some research on how to use parsley in ten different ways. 
Call me crazy, but from time to time, I like to read scientific facts on love. Why can't we live without it? Why is everything always about love?
Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love
answers those questions and many more. So let's find more about it.

Times change. My own example proves it. I was born in 1990 and the thing that has made the biggest impacted my life (outside of my family) was the Internet. I remember the times when I had to rewind my music cassette to be able to hear the lyrics of my favorite songs right. Then YouTube happened. And Google. Not only can I now listen to my music on repeat, but I can simultaneously read lyrics and even sing karaoke in my own house. I'm even older than Facebook! People older than me often have difficulties with adjusting to modern inventions, and younger generations can't imagine life without those.

The world changes, and we change with it. What was once normal, today it can be unimaginable. There are no borders anymore, we accumulate knowledge and change opinions. We doubt what we once were sure about. We evolve. And we do it all online.

There are more oportunities for us today to find love than ever before. Most people have Tinder accounts, don't they?
But is love really what we still want? Or did modern inventions made us want something else instead? Maybe just a little bit of passion, just a little bit of fun...

What Helen Fisher is trying to find out and share with us in this book is the answer to the question whether love we know today is the same love our grandparents knew. Is the time of monogamy long gone? Are family and matrimony something with an expiration date?

This manual consists of 16 chapters and every sentence is a product of years of work and research. In the beginning, the author asks the most important questions: why do we fall in love? Why do we fall in love with that one particular person? Did we finally evolve enough to be ready to share our lives with two or more partners at the same time?
We realize homo sapiens is not the only species on Earth that's genetically programmed to feel the need to procreate, but we are the ones who don't do it mechanically, with no feeling involved.
This book will tell us the truth about who's more important for the survival of our species, men or woman. 

Frankly, I was a bit nervous before reading it, because I didn't know what to expect. Will I find out that modern society has no need for formalities such as marriage? Did modern days make love look like something we don't need to feel to be able to live normal lives? Is it still okay to want a family and fidelity?

But it turned out that, if there's one thing that will prevail, it's our need to find a life with that one special person. Somehow, people always end up needing a soulmate. They always end up seeking for some guarantee that they will always belong to someone - and they get that guarantee by getting married.

We can't escape love and passion.

Besides the 16 chapters, at the end of the manual, there are two questionnaires. The first one can tell you how deep your feeling of love and passion go for the person you're in a relationship with. The second one will tell you a bit about your personality. Not only will this book let you put some feelings you might have into perspective, but it will also help you realize why you feel them.

Throughout history, kingdoms have fallen and the laws have been changed, but love survived. Family is the basic social institution and as such, it's the one that will always adapt.
Love is forever.

Here you can find this review in Croatian.
Here you can find reviews of books on similar topics: Arielle Ford: The Soulmate Secret

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Recenzija: Katherine McGee: Tisućiti kat

Iako je kod nas objavljena još 2016. u Profilu, nekako sam uvijek zaobilazila ovu knjigu. Lani je već objavljen i nastavak pa sam, nakon što sam 
Tisućiti kat
po treći puta uzela u ruke, odlučno ustvrdila da ovaj puta nema odustajanja.
U nastavku vam donosim svoje mišljenje o ovom young adult znanstveno fantastičnom romanu koji će vas sigurno zainteresirati.

Review: Katherine McGee: The Thousandth Floor

I've started reading this novel two times and gave up after the first chapter. Then the third time I had it in my hands, I've decided to just sit down and finish it.
The Thousandth Floor 
is a first novel in The Thousandth Floor book series, followed by The Dazzling Heights and The Towering Sky.
This review will tell you why it took me so long to read it, and why I'm now sorry for not doing it sooner. 
Let's start. 

srijeda, 28. veljače 2018.

Recenzija: Mary Simses: Sezona borovnica

Debitantski roman Mary Simses osvojio me naslovom. Posljednjih nekoliko dana bili su najhladniji ove zime (a meni je u glavi već skoro proljeće i kladim se da nisam jedina), a unatoč tome što volim snijeg i svoje čizmice, polako mi već fale oni topliji dani. Zato me oduševio ovaj naslov iz Mozaik knjige.
Sezona borovnica
namamila me sjećanjima na toplinu, sunce i dakako, borovnice. Podsjetila me na sparne, lijene dane kad vrijeme provodimo uz sladoled i limunadu.
A postoji li bolji razlog da pročitamo knjigu nego saznanje da će nas ona povesti na put na neko novo mjesto i u neko drugo vrijeme?
Zasigurno ne postoji. Zato krenimo.

Review: Mary Simses: The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe

It was the title of this debute novel by Mary Simses that made me want to read it. The last seven days were the coldest one this winter and to be frank, even though I love winter and snow, I started missing summer. 
The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe
reminded me of warmth, sun and of course, blueberries. It reminded me of hot, lazy days we spend eating ice cream and drinking lemonade. 
Is there a better reason to read the book than to travel to some other place or some other time?
Not for me, there's not.
So let's travel together.

četvrtak, 22. veljače 2018.

Recenzija: Nick Spalding: On voli, ona voli

"Neki ljudi kažu da je ljubav droga i počinjem im vjerovati."

Da to nije onaj "običan" ljubavni roman na kakve smo navikli, postane jasno čim uzmemo u obzir da ga je napisao muškarac, no svejedno sam posegnula za On voli, ona voli iz Znanje što je bila najbolja odluka koju sam donijela ovaj tjedan.
Zapravo, sad dok ju pišem, napola sam uvjerena da ovom romanu nije potrebna nikakva recenzija koja bi čitatelja poticala da ga pročita. Kad ga uzmete u ruku, prolistate i pročitate 2-3 reda trebat će vam nešto što će vas odgovoriti da tom prilikom ne kupite odmah dva komada, jednu "radnu verziju" po kojoj će vam kapati suze od smijeha i drugu za buduće generacije.

Review: Nick Spalding: Love...From Both Sides

“No relationship is ever perfect, but when you truly love each other ... it doesn't have to be.” 

This is not your ordinary romance novel since it was written by a man (we all know women and men write romance somehow differently) and was not even intended to be a romance novel. But it kind of still is. Love...From Both Sides is a humorous novel that will make you laugh even if you try not to. 
Actually, now while I'm writing it, I get the feeling this novel doesn't even need to be presented in a review to make people want to read it. It suffices for you to open the book and read a line or two - and you'll be tempted not to buy two copies right away. On for you to immediately destroy with your tears of joy and one for later.

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Recenzija: Elle Kennedy: Pobjeda

E ovako se slavi današnji dan! U Nakladi Neptun znaju kako proslaviti dan zaljubljenih - objavom najočekivanijeg new adult romana u Hrvatskoj, a možda i šire. Dame i gospodo, vrijeme je da upoznamo Johna Tuckera.
Sretno vam Valentinovo!
Danas se slave ljubav i Pobjeda.  

Review: Elle Kennedy: The Goal

This is how celebrating Valentine's Day is done. By finishing one of the best ever new adult book series and then sharing my thoughts with you, ladies and gentlemen. 
It's time for you to meet John Tucker in The Goal, the fourth and final novel in Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy.
Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. May you reach your own goal - the true love you've always been waiting for.