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Review: E.K.Johnston: Spindle

Yet another novel with an amazing cover. Damn, this is how I start all of my reviews, but seriously, how can we not admire this beauty that is
by E.K.Johnston?
This is the second and the last novel in A Thousand Nights book series. It has been published in 2016., but we've just got it in Croatia so it's practically new here, what makes it a perfect opportunity for me to review it.

It has been years since the Storyteller Queen saved her country from a dangerous demon, but now the evil is preparing its final blow.
The demon has found a new chance to strike, in a young princess, Little Rose, the future queen of Kharuf. After years of resting, the demon comes out of its hiding only to put a curse on a Little Rose and with it, all of her kingdom.

Far away from Kharuf, young Yashaa and three of his friends are sent to reveal the secret of Little Rose, and possibly to save their people from a slow but certain death.
After stepping into Kharuf, Yashaa accidentally helps Little Rose escape from a place she has been hiding, and that is where the real adventure begins.

The premise of this young adult fantasy novel is very well known, but the story is told in a different way. The author borrowed some motifs from the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale but managed to keep her authenticity by using them in an original and interesting manner. Nevertheless, her story, set in a hot desert, on somewhat dangerous paths of a Silk Road, is, in some editions, also called Kingdom of Sleep.

Spindle speaks about the importance of spinning in Kharuf. It shows us the connection between the people and the craft they are forbidden to use. If they spin they get ill, if they don't, they get mad. The demon has stripped them of the possibility to do the only thing they were born to do. Without the spinners, the kingdom will fall. If they spin, the people would die and the demon would rule. There is no third way out.

The magic and magical creatures never become an active part of the story but only appear in dialogues between characters. However, they still stand behind every important act that pushes the plot forward. 

The characters in this novel are in no way exceptional, magical or powerful. Their strength, even in their doubt, lies in their determination and readiness to make any needed sacrifices. Yashaa and his friends follow a path that is as unpredictable as their future, but their willingness to continue during the most difficult of times lets them save Little Rose and with it, Kharuf. 
The only weaker part of this novel is a slow pace, the fact that some of you will maybe even love. 

Have you already discovered the magic of Thousand Nights?

Here you can find this review in Croatian.
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