srijeda, 25. studenoga 2015.

Review/recenzija: Jude Deveraux: Nantucket Brides Trilogy

Jude Deveraux made me fall in love with her work the first time I saw her Knight in shining armor. The incredible connection, not only between past and present, but between past and future, made me a fan for a lifetime. 

Today I'm presenting the Nantucket Brides Trilogy, the new book series from this extraordinary and timeless author: 

          1. True Love (2013)
          2. For All Time (2014)
          3. Ever After (2015)

četvrtak, 19. studenoga 2015.

Review/recenzija: Jennifer Probst: Marriage to a Billionare series


It's me... :D

Ok, I just had to do this! Want to talk about the new sond by Adele?
Didn't think so. :P

Soooo, today I'm bringing something pretty sweet for all of you. As usual, I can't talk about only one book if the whole series exists, therefore I chose to write about Marriage to a Billionare series. Can you already predict the right dose of romance and sex on those pages? I guarantee, it'll be unforgettable :)

But, first things first. The novels. There are four: 
The Marriage Bargain
The Marriage Trap
The Marriage Mistake
The Marriage Merger

četvrtak, 12. studenoga 2015.

Review/recenzija: Yvonne Woon: Dead Beautiful

The first book from this series was published in 2010, but we had to wait until 2014 to finally see it's end. I read Dead Beautiful last year, before I ever started this blog, but now I read it again because I wanted to write a post about it.

What I loved the most about this beautiful series is it's originality and the nonchalance with which the author succeeded to fit her creative inventions into our way of thinking.

In the bunch of modern fantasy novels contemplated for younger generations,  I find this series especially refreshing for it includes philosophy of René Rescartes. For those of you who do not know his opus, Descartes was, among other things, exploring the relations between the body ond soul ("Passions of the Soul"). In his work, Descartes states that the most important task of the soul is to think, and it's every man's duty to develop knowledge and science. The existence of the soul he states in the phrase "Cogito, ergo sum" ("I think, therefore I am".), that today is as known as it's author.

četvrtak, 5. studenoga 2015.

Review/recenzija: Sierra Cartwright: Mastered

If somebody would ask me what would be the shortest description of this series, I would say: the manual.

I consider this amazing series a guidebook on how to have a good BDSM relationship. And not just a succesful sexual relationship. This, ladies and gentlemen, is your Bible in how to win a woman's heart.

The secret this books reveal are already well known to menkind, but repetitio is mater studiorum so I'll repeat: attention.

Give her attention, be kind, be observant of her needs. The little things count.