srijeda, 30. prosinca 2015.

Review/recenzija: Kiera Cass: The Heir/Nasljednica

Are you as excited as I am for finally reading The Heir? I know that it has been published in May, but it had a looooong list of books to read this year and this week was finally its turn. :D

Firs of all, I want to compliment the publisher for this absolutely amazing cover, as always! I have to say I consider the Selection series the series with one of the most beautiful covers ever. 

I hope you've already read the Selection trilogy (there's really no reason for you not to because it's incredible) and are familiar with the characters of Maxon and America, Eadlyn's parents. 

petak, 25. prosinca 2015.

Samo da znaš, da sam te uvalila... :D

Najprije ovako:

Nek' vam je sretan Božić! Budite mi i dalje zdravi, lijepi i nagrađeni s puno slobodnog vremena za čitanje ovog bloga i knjiga općenito! 
Ako možda ne slavite Božić, ne treba značiti da ne slavite veselje. Želim vam svima ljubavi i radosti, dobrih prijatelja i ostvarenje svih želja!

četvrtak, 24. prosinca 2015.

Review/recenzija: Gail McHugh: Collide Duology/ Sudar i Puls

It's Christmas time and I decided it would be a good idea to write a review that could make us conscious of a world around us, especially during this merry days.

But I also wanted to give you a great and persistent love story, and I found Colide series perfect in both departments. 

Emily and Gavin meet and something just clicks. But she's in a happy relationship so she rejects his efforts to get to know her better.

But, as always, karma has its own ways of capturing people inside its wicked games, so they continuously find themselves seeing each other or being a part of the same circle of people.

While she's trying to deny her feelings for Gavin, Emily realizes her boyfriend Dillon is not a person he seemed to be. 

četvrtak, 17. prosinca 2015.

Review/recenzija: Anna Todd: After series/Serijal Poslije svega

The world phenomenon, A.K.A. the After series, hit us so hard it made our heads spin. 

A few days ago I finally purchased all the sequels. I even got the last two in mp3 version, and I have to tell you, it was a new and totally unexpected experience. Dangerous too! :D It made me look stupid and useless, just storming through the house, pretending to be doing something, when I actually can't recall a single moment or thing I did that day.

The author Anna Todd claims to be inspired by a famous British singer Harry Styles, a member of One Direction band. A great impact that this singer obviously had on her writing can be seen in physical characteristic of her protagonist, Hardin, who is described to look much like 

this :D

It was very hard to start writing this review, for there are so many things I would like to say about the journey this series has been to me,  but I had to limit myself and name only the most important points, and those that make most sence to those of you who still haven't read this series.

četvrtak, 10. prosinca 2015.

Review/recenzija: A.J.Molloy: The Story of X/ Priča o X

Published in 2013, The Story of X  is the first novel of an unknown British author, publishing under the pseudonym A.J.Molloy.

The Story of X is an erotic novel that brings us some hot romance, unexpected suspense and a lot of seductive danger. If you consider yourself a lover of Italian culture and art, this is the novel you should read. Along with a sizzling love story you are in for a few interesting details form an Italian past, but will also be given some useful information you can use in everyday life. 

četvrtak, 3. prosinca 2015.

Review/recenzija: Emily Giffin: Darcy & Rachel/ Nešto posuđeno, Nešto plavo

Here comes December! 

The 2015 is coming to an end and there is still a looong list of books I'm planning to read. 
I'm starting to feel nervous. Do you?

Today I'm bringing you a duology that didn't really impress me as a whole, but had some points that drew my attention and made me read it up till the end. 

The novels Something Borrowed and Something Blue are a part of Darcy & Rachel duology, a story of two best friends and how life can get in between a friendship.