srijeda, 27. srpnja 2016.

Review/recenzija: A.G.Riddle: Departure/Raskrižje

Inside of the science fiction genre, fiction is the part I can drown myself into. Science part, not so much. I'm a person of magical beings, not machines. You can take me anywhere, past, present, future, underground, wherever you like, but do it by some magical, invisible, unexplainable force. Don't do it by some scientifically explainable process. Show me beasts, vampires, fae..., because I don't like robots. 

After reading the description of the Departure by A.G.Riddle there was no denying that the book was a part of science fiction genre, but something was telling me that it wasn't as hardcore as I would imagine it. So I was getting more curious about it week after week, and finally, after all of the reviews I had planned to write about, I decided it was time for me to dedicate this week's review to the Departure.

First and most important thing I need to say: this novel is amazing!

četvrtak, 21. srpnja 2016.

Review/recenzija: Erin McCarthy: Fast Track series

I'm so happy to find the Fast Track series! I just spent the last two weeks enjoying these 8 books and having so much fun! I read a positive review of one of my Goodreads friends who wrote about the novels, and made a smart (thank you very much!) decision to read it myself.

Here we meet a bunch of people who start as mere acquaintances and live to become a real family. It's a story that shows us that family is more than just blood and people can always change to the better.
These 8 novels in front of you will give you a dose of love ache and heartbreaking moments, will offer you so many opportunities to laugh and cry and let you meet so many different, yet interesting people, that you will not feel the wish to put any of them down.

After reading numerous historical romance novels lately, this contemporary romance series was exactly what I needed. 

There are 8 novels in this series: Flat-Out Sexy, Hard and Fast, Hot Finish, The Chase, Slow Ride, Jacked Up, Full Throttle and Final Lap (published 2008-2014). 

četvrtak, 14. srpnja 2016.

Review/recenzija: Sabrina Jeffries: To Pleasure a Prince/Kako udovoljiti princu

Pronađi recenziju ovdje i otključaj si knjigu!

Since I read In the Prince's Bed a few weeks ago, I couldn't wait to get my hands on its sequel, and the second book in series Royal BrotherhoodTo Pleasure a Prince. If this is the first time you came across me mentioning this particular historical romance series, you can find the review of the first novel here, so you don't miss anything important.

We've already met Marcus North, Viscount Draker, in the first installment of the mentioned series, where we got to know him as a cold and calculated man who hates...well, practically everyone.
In To Pleasure a Prince we meet his lady, his better half, the woman who'll make him rethink about his priorities and put an end to his insecurities, Lady Regina Tremaine.

četvrtak, 7. srpnja 2016.

Review/recenzija: Monica McCarty: The Hawk/Sokol

Omg, just look at these torsos :P Never have I read about physical appearance more perfect than Highlander's, so it's only natural that I share that common affinity for novels that make it all about them.

In today's review I'm writing about the second novel in the Highland Guard series, The Hawk, by Monica McCarty. Why the second one and not the first? Well, because I didn't purchase the book, but found it in a library and the first novel was already out so I didn't have much choice.