četvrtak, 27. listopada 2016.

Review/ recenzija: Mats and Susan Billmark: Learn To Live: The Book That Can Change Your Life/ Nauči živjeti: knjiga koja ti može promijeniti život

Recenzija na hrvatskom nalazi se ispod recenzije na engleskom 😚

Are you a fan of self-help literature? Did you just roll your eyes after seing me ask the previous question? One more question: do you know what this term self-help even mean?

A lot of people feel threatened by this term, mostly because of the help part. People are afraid other people will declare them crazy or in some way mentally or emotionally challenged if they admitted using that kind of books to improve their life.
Isn't that sad?

četvrtak, 20. listopada 2016.

Review/recenzija: Jill Mansell: A Walk in the Park/ Kad bi ljubav bila jednostavna

What a nice treat this novel was! I've never read a book by Jill Mansell before (if you have, you can comment about it bellow), but A Walk in the Park was one of those novels that leave you hungry for more.

četvrtak, 13. listopada 2016.

Review/recenzija: Jennifer Ashley: The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie/ Ludilo lorda Iana Mackenzieja

Recenziju ove knjige možeš naći 
Otključaj si knjigu!

Hello romance lovers. I have a question for you. Where are you from? Is English your first language? Are you reading books in English or in your native language? Ok, those were three questions, but I asked those with a reason. I was just thinking about the small number of contemporary romance/erotic novel that our publishers translate for us in Croatia- especially the novels of some new foreign authors- and wanted to ask you about how those things work in your country? If you aren't a native English speaker, are you satisfied with the number of different authors you can find in your bookstores? Do you like reading novels written in the past 2 or 3 decades or something newer?
What about historic romance novels? Do you think they are of better quality if written nowadays, with all the technology within reach that can provide us with any kind of information about past times?

So many questions I have today and all of that because of The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie, the first novel in Mackenzies & McBrides series.
. Every time I read an historic romance, I get an urge to start comparing those written before and the ones authors get to publish today, but I never actually do it. Do you? Let me know!

četvrtak, 6. listopada 2016.

Ključ za knjigu & Algoritam Readers Meetup- osvrt

Dragi moji i moje,

ovaj tjedan donosim vam osvrt na definitivno najbolji dan koji sam kao book blogerica doživjela. Govorim, naravno, o prošloj nedjelji (2.10.2016.), kada je napokon održan naš Ključ za knjigu & Algoritam Readers Meetup.