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Review: Elle Kennedy: The Deal

First of all, I have to admit I'm sorry not to read books by Elle Kennedy before. Whyyyyy didn't I?!
I've heard about this author only after one of Croatian publishers published the first novel in her Off-Campus series. Now I'm addicted. 
This review is about the first novel from the mentioned series, The Deal. There are 3 more novels in the series (The Mistake, The Score, The Goal), but those deserve their own reviews.

Hannah Wells survived some horrors, but she'd say she succeeded to live a pretty normal life ever since. Except, there were just two guys that she had liked in the past five years. One of them is her ex and the other doesn't even know she exists. She does good in school too. She's got an A in one of her exams, while almost every other student has failed the test. So, yeah, she does OK.
Garret Graham plays hockey, and he plays it good. Going professional is everything he has ever wanted. But he failed his last test and his plummeting GPA stands in his way. He needs good grades. Luckily for him, there's that girl who got the perfect grade. He'll get her to tutor him and make it everything perfect.
Except, she doesn't want to tutor him. So he's ready to make her a deal she will not be able to refuse.

I've read this novel in a single day. Sometimes I think I should reassess my priorities because, lately, my life is nothing more than filled with reading and the only pe*ises I see are those I create in my own imagination. But then I remember that that kind of penises are still better that no kind of penises, and I'm happy. I know, I need medication... 😜
The point of this insane penis filled confession is that this book is so good I couldn't put it down. It's funny and relaxing. The characters are one interesting bunch, even the secondary male ones, and they already have me wondering what will their stories be about.
I won't even start about Garrett, because if I do, this post will never get published. I could go for days about him 💚💚💚

This isn't one of those novels you read and then forget about it. Elle has created beautiful characters with interesting and deep personalities, and made them fight through some serious but credible problems. This novel is full of positivism, optimism and humor. I can't wait to read the second book and meet Logan more intimately 😉

What do you think about books by Elle Kennedy? Let me know in a comment section 😃

Rose 😚

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