četvrtak, 19. siječnja 2017.

Review: Elle Kennedy: The Mistake

Let's start this review with a minute of silence for our beloved common sense that has failed to function entirely after one look at the covers below. Even better, look at the covers of a Croatian version, they're even prettier!
Our brains maybe stopped working, but some other parts of our anatomy are ready to rock'n'roll 😉
So let us begin, ladies and gentlemen. This is The Mistake.

četvrtak, 12. siječnja 2017.

Review/recenzija: Maya Banks: In Bed with a Highlander/ U postelji s ratnikom

Recenziju na hrvatskom potražite ispod recenzije na engleskom 😚

After contemporary romance novels written by Maya banks, let's make this post about one of her historical romances. Today I'm bringing you the review of In Bed with a Highlander, the first novel in The McCabe Trilogy. The author also announced that she would also be writing another one of her historical romance series, featuring some secondary characters from the McCabes. 
But let's take this step by step and enjoy In Bed with a Highlander first.

četvrtak, 5. siječnja 2017.

Review/recenzija: Lorna Gray: In the Shadow of Winter

Recenziju na hrvatskom potražite ispod recenzije na engleskom 😚

Welcome to my first post of 2017! I hope you've had nice holidays and are now ready for everything 2017 has to offer!

This year I'll start with a review of a book that came to me as a Christmas gift from my lovely bookish friend Nina from Life of a Bookworm book blog. Today I'm writing about the novel In the Shadow of Winter by Lorna Gray.