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Review: Elle Kennedy: The Mistake

Let's start this review with a minute of silence for our beloved common sense that has failed to function entirely after one look at the covers below. Even better, look at the covers of a Croatian version, they're even prettier!
Our brains maybe stopped working, but some other parts of our anatomy are ready to rock'n'roll 😉
So let us begin, ladies and gentlemen. This is The Mistake.

Logan is craving for his best friend's girlfriend. Asshole.
But because of it, he feels constant remorse that he's also trying to numb by having more flings he can count, with girls that don't interest him for more than a few hours.
Then one evening, he finds himself at the doors at Grace Ivers. Not long after they meet, he makes his first (of many) mistakes. 
He didn't give her an orgasm and he's not the man to live with that kind of a burden.
He needs to fix it.
And not to screw up even worse in the process...

The Mistake, the second book in Off-campus series by Elle Kennedy was published in 2015. There are two more novels in this series, The Score and The Goal, and those were published this year. If you've skipped the first book, The Deal, you can find a review here
In The Mistake, we read about Logan, another one of four friends and famous hockey players. 
Again, the author created characters whose complexity is seen only after you let yourself look deeper into their personalities. 

I love new adult novels. Maybe that's even my favorite genre because the characters always get the best of both worlds: they're old enough to have some (mostly negative) experience, but still young enough to have time to learn how to deal with life. Besides, they're normally the ones with the best sense of humor and the ones who can absorb a lot of craziness that modern society includes.

This book has all of the above. The characters have a background that makes their behavior legitimate, and everyday decisions let them meet new opportunities at every step. They are young people with serious responsibilities, but full of optimism. 
This novel has left me wanting to read the sequel ASAP!

I really can't wait to read The Score. There was one scene in The Mistake where Dean (one of four friends) meets a girl and they exchange some pretty cruel comments among themselves. I really want to know more about that! Who is the girl? Will we be seeing her again? Is she important to him? Obviously, I'm already anxious to find out!

Did you read The Deal? What about The Mistake? Let me know!

Rose ❤

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  1. Ohoo,Deanova knjiga je fantasticna! :)
    Off Campus e fantastican serijal i jedan od moje favorite.
    Bas mi je drago sto dopale ti se knjige Rose :)

    1. Jedva čekam da nam prevedu Deana! Djeluje mi kao odličan lik :D