četvrtak, 30. ožujka 2017.

Review/recenzija: Tessa Dare: A Lady by Midnight: Vjenčanje u ponoć

Recenzija na hrvatskom nalazi se ispod recenzije na engleskom 😚

I've already decided to love every one of Tessa Dare's novels. I won't ever read them anymore, I'll just say they're awesome.
Ha ha, just kidding.
I do talk a lot, but even I can't produce miracles 😂

Today, we're talking about A Lady by Midnight by Tessa Dare.

četvrtak, 23. ožujka 2017.

Review/recenzija: Julie Murphy: Dumplin'/Gospođica Knedlica

😉😉😉Recenzija na hrvatskom nalazi se ispod recenzije na engleskom. ❤

I'm just gonna start this review by being a little brat and say that I don't like the covers of this book. They make me think the book's about an old opera singer. Ha ha.
Well, it's not. 
Down below, in the Croatian review, you can see the covers our publishers chose, and they're sooo much better. If nothing else, at least we know there's no opera singer involved 😉
Today I'm writing about Dumplin', a young adult novel by Julie Murphy. 

četvrtak, 16. ožujka 2017.

Review/recenzija: Denise Grover Swank:Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes /Dvadeset osam i pol želja

Recenzija na hrvatskom nalazi se ispod recenzije na engleskom 😚

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes is the first novel in Rose Gardner Mystery series. I've been given the copy of this book by one of my bookfriends and finally I can say it's time for me to review it. There are actually eight more published novels for us to enjoy, so we have a lot of interesting reads a head of us. But let's take this step by step. 

četvrtak, 9. ožujka 2017.

Review/ recenzija: Audrey Carlan: Calendar Girl: January, February, March/ Djevojka na mjesec dana: Siječanj, Veljača, Ožujak

Recenzija na hrvatskom nalazi se ispod recenzije na engleskom 😘

Today I'm gonna be writing about the first three novels in Calendar Girl series: January, February and March. The whole series was published in 2015, but so far I've finished only these three instalments. 
This series will put on test your thoughts about love, sex and responsibility. I'm sooo glad I've got the opportunity to read this. It made me stay awake late a few nights in a row, but finally, I can share my thoughts.

srijeda, 1. ožujka 2017.

Review/recenzija: Judith McNaught: Remember When/ Sjećaš li se...

Recenzija na hrvatskom nalazi se ispod recenzije na engleskom ❤

If you've been following this blog, you may remember how the last novel by Judith McNaught left me all happy and amazed. A few months ago I was writing about Something Wonderful, so it was time for me to find yet another novel by this author. My expectations were high, because so far, Judith never left me disappointed. Until Remember When.