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Review: Christina Lauren: Beautiful Secret

If there's something romance readers around the world know, is that they can always count on Christina Laurens to make them laugh. Number four in Beautiful Bastard series, Beautiful Secret is the absolute must read, especially if you're already familiar with the first three installments.

After living more than a decade as a married man, newly divorced Neill Stella has to learn how to live his life as a single man. He’d describe himself as a simple guy looking for a serious partner, who should also be interested in monogamous relationship and deep emotional connection. Also, she should be ready to make the first move, cuz he sure as hell ain’t gonna do that.

By now, Ruby knows every move he makes. Neill has been her obsession from the first day she’s laid her eyes upon him, but the damn man doesn’t even know she exists. Until she gets the perfect chance to make that first step.

Together on the business trip, the two of them get the opportunity to explore their passion and accept the fact they want more from one another.

But will Neill take that chance once more? Is he ready to believe in love again?
And will Ruby be ready risk everything for the man with another woman in his past?

Yet again C and L open their story with the most interesting question there is. Some authors begin their story introducing a character, others start with an action, but C and L did it with a penis. Yes, I've spelled that right. A penis.
I sure wasn't complaining 😁
If you've read Beautiful bastard, Beautiful Stranger and Beautiful Player, you already know you can expect only the funniest dialogues, the most original plot and the hottest sex scenes. But I'm not of those who praise the novel based on its prequels, so I was curious to find out if Beautiful Secret really was as funny and spicy as the first three novels in this series.

What do I say about Neill Stella than wow! C and L definitely surprised me with the way this male character is different from all the ones we’ve already read about in their novels.

Goodreads describes him as uptight so I'm not going to throw any more adjectives here in fear of spoiling it for you, but I will witness this man is different and special, and I’ll do it anytime you want me too.

Neill will make you melt and he will win you over. As any other character created by magical duo Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, he’s nowhere near perfect, but so sweet in his imperfections. I’d even dare say, he’s the character most of us could easily identify with.

I will claim Neill to be the best thing this novel has to offer. I loved to see him change. His behavior, his expressions and his vocabulary, everything changed through the story and made it funnier and more interesting to read.

If you’re looking for a novel to entertain you this summer, Beautiful Secret is the one.


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