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Review: Steven Rowley: Lily and the Octopus

Once I had a cat that loved to sleep in a kitchen sink. One evening we came home and spend half an hour looking for him, only to finally find him lying there, one eye open, watching us blankly and not giving a damn that we just spend thirty minutes screaming like crazy around the house 😹😹😹
It was the day I learned how to unclog the kitchen sink using vinegar and baking soda. One very educative situation and one I will never forget.

What I'm trying to say is, I've never find myself in a situation, good or bad, that I cat couldn't make more interesting. Today I've got two cats, and if I could, I'd get 5 more, and I'm sure every one of them would be somehow special.
Do you have a pet?
Today I'm reviewing a story that will show the true connection between a human and their pet, and make you love your pet even stronger.
This is a story of Lily and the Octopus.

It was Thursday when Ted first realized somebody else but him and his dog, Lily, lived in his house. It was the Octopus. She was there, but both Ted and Lily kept ignoring it, scared that she could get angry.
Ted's life was never perfect, and he was never happy with the way his relationships worked. There was always a problem so the last thing he needed was the Octopus.
But Lily couldn't resist the influence of the new intruder and there wasn't much he could do about it.
It was time for ted to question his life, his strength and his persistence.
Because in spite all of his efforts, the Octopus has never shown any sign of wanting to leave. She has found Lily and decided to stay with her forever.

The best thing I've ever heard about love is that true love is only the love that is reciprocated. One can feel sincere love toward another person but it cannot be called true love if the other person doesn't feel the same (source).
The authentic value of the connection that a person builds with their pet, lies in the fact that if we open our heart and doors of our home to an animal, we will never be alone again. They will always be by our side. 
Literally, always. Right when we carry around a platter full of freshly baked cookies. They will be there to move around your feet and to make sure the platter and everything on it ends up on the floor 😸

Sometimes people find themselves lost in life, not knowing what step to take next. That is how Ted felt. He was alone, couldn't find the love of his life and was always missing that specific 'something'. But Lily was his dog, his friend and the only being always walking by his side. Step by step. In good and in bad, in health and in sickness. Lily was the symbol of everything good, loyal and pure in a life of her owner.

The story of Lily is a story about knowing life, realizing life's true values and our own emotional strength. It's a story that will make us hold our dog, cat, bunny, or ever our rat, tighter in our arms. It will make us love that creature that keeps some of our secrets and leaves us stinky presents under the table once in a while (or, if you're lucky enough to have one of those very special ones, on your bed).

If you have an animal you share your life with, then you know that special kind of love, and that love comes with one promise: you are never alone.

This novel is one of those that will win your heart. It's written in a funny way, from a perspective of a witty character and it will make you laugh and cry simultaneously. Lily and the Octopus is a debut novel by Steven Rowley, and it's one non of us will easily forget.

Rose 💚

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