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Review: Elle Kennedy: The Score

Soooo, anybody here who still didn't get a peak between the pages of some book by Elle Kennedy? Seriously, people... I'm here writing about no.3 in her Off Campus series, so don't tell me you still haven't read the no.1 and no.2.
Go, read it. No, actually, wait a second. First read this review I've spent two hours my time to write, and then tell me you aren't interested in this series. Ladies anf gentlemen, meet Dean Hayward Di Laurentis. This is The Score – his story.

With her graduation right behind the corner, Allie feels lost. She has no idea what she wants to do with her life and now she has to deal with a fresh brake up too. Life is shit. But there is one guy who offers to make her feel better – just sex, just fun, no strings attached.

Dean loves life, sports and girls. And he makes sure to enjoy all of it. He lives by his own rules, and he lives good. Until Allie. The one girl that can to what no other could: resist his charms.
Dean's world is turned upside down after realizing Allie is not like the rest of them and he wants more with her. So maybe this time is not about scoring, maybe this time's about love...

Okay, it's official, Dean and Allie are my favourite Off Campus couple. Those two are absolutely insane. They are perfect! Honestly, if Tuckers wants to beat D&A he better be ready to perform magic. What those two have is a relationshop full of humor, craziness and sooo much love.

Humor, humor, humor. Sexy humor. Sexy fuckin' humor everywhere! My god, I promise, this novel made me at least 5 years younger. It made me LOL through every page, and it made me want more, so much more.

I honestly thought that, after Garrett and Logan, guys in this series couldn't get much better or hotter, but damn, was I wrong. Besides the story of Allie and Dean, we still get to enjoy some of the characters we've already met so if you still haven't find the reason to read this series, here you have it. It's rare for me to find a book series that gets better and better with every new novel, but I guess now I can die happy. 

And then, OMGGG, what an ending! I. Cannot. Believe. This. As you can see, I'm going through some pretty intense emotions right now, but at this point, I don't really care. As soon as I through I had some idea about what could happen in the book no.4, Elle killed me with this amaaaazing plot twist in the end of the book no.3. I actually had to make myself sit down and write this review, instead go and read The Deal instead.

It's Summer my dear people, and I would really like to tell you that Dean would make current hot days a bit colder for you, but who are we kidding? We don't really want that. But if what you you want is to meet a man who can set your nights on fire, I'm sure Dean's the just the right guy for you.

Get yourself this book, you already want it 😉

Here you can find a review in Croatian.


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