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Review: J.R.Ward: The Angels' Share

I don't even know why I've waited so long to read Angel's Share. This series started so well that I really can't say what made me wait a year to read te second part.
Anyway, welcome back and let us start doing what we do best, discuss books.
Today, I'll be sharing with you my thoughts on the Angels's Share, the second novel in Bourbon Kings series by J.R.Ward.

 Did William Baldwine really commit suicide?
Bradfords got themselves in a whole lot of trouble in only a matter of days.
After the death of their father, Edward, Lane, Gin, and who knew, Maxwell, need to face reality.
One of them probably killed the family patriarch, and if that weren't scary enough, the family is one step away from being ruined financially.
William kept many secrets, and not one of them will make the rest of them happy.
Will the family be able to overcome the obstacles?

Will there be anything left after the angels have taken their share?

Angels's Share continues the struggle of famous and welthy Bradford family, one we had the opportunity to meet in The Bourbon Kings. Another book, another crazy chapter, a lot more of problems. Not only were they left without the family patriarch, but the money's obviously gone too!
The days of not giving a damn are over, which means they will actually have to work for their money. No more parties, no more being looked at as is they were invincible. Ward finally gives us a bit more detail about her characters, and gives them the chance to show who they really are.

This was a family that was hiding behind their name. It was once was a mask of perfection, and behind it, they were hiding insecurities, remorse and their sins. They used the money to buy forgiveness, time, even affection. But it's time to show if there was ever some humanity too.
From the outside it looked like they were living a dream, but from the inside, it looks more like a nightmare.

Ward is known to create characters that live on the edge of what is acceptable. Both of the novels in this series portray characters that have been physically or emotionally ruined by being the ones with money. Now, they live expecting something bad to happen again. They make themselves part of ugly situations on purpose just because they can't imagine life without them (e.i. Gin). It's an ugly way to live.

In a way, we could see this book series as a criticism to the fact that so much wealth usually lies in hands of a few, and they use it to control lives of us, 'ordinary' people. By reading it, we wonder not only about Bradfords, but also about all of those families that rely on them staying in the business.

I'm not usually a fan of family dramas, because, normally, I would find a character or two that I really like, and would not care much about the others (that's why I read what I read - romance with two protagonists top), so books with more than two protagonists don't work for me. But Ward knows how to win me over.
I can't wait for Devil's Share to be published (that should happen sometimes this year) and I promise to, this time, read this last sequel ASAP.

I recommend this book very much, so try and give it a chance. I'm waiting for your comments.

Here you can find the review in Croatian.

Love, Rose 💗

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