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Review: Mia Sheridan: Archer's Voice

I'm sure that those of you who have already read this novel lived a helluva surprise after the first few pages into the novel. I mean, look at this guy; hiding his face, showing of just how much he works out every day, his pants so low, but still not low enough on those sexy hips…
Why doesn't he want to look at me? You expect him to be hiding something. He's a bad, bad boy.
Tell me his secret right noooow 😍
And then you resumed your reading and ooh...better even then in your wildest dreams!

This right here is a review of Archer's Voice. Welcome.

Bree moves to the small city Pelion, Maine to try to find her peace. The people she meets are a warm and friendly bunch that make her feel welcome every step of the way. Everyone, except him.
They has been every kind of talk about Archer. Some say he's just odd, others he's genuinely crazy.
But Bree is too curious to believe the people's talk. There's something about Archer that makes her want to keep talking to him, even when he insists on turning her down.
So Bree decides to make herself a part of his life and this is how she gets involved in old secrets and a painful existence of Archer's silence.
Together, the two of them will face their fears and try to start a life free of everybody's corrupt influence.

Are you a talkative person? Is today one of those days when you've caught yourselves talking about stuff that don't actually need so much attention from your side? Maybe it was a comment you shared about something that started an unnecessary discussion, or a talk that transformed into a real fight because you just had to give somebody your piece of mind. We all do that, and it would be unfair to pretend some of us are above it.
But sometimes we forget that our voice is so much more that an automatic way for us to respond or react.
Our voice is us.
Not only what we say, but also how we say it. Who are we talking to and what about. Our voice is how we dress and what we eat. It’s the picture of us we let the world to see.

Archer's voice is a voice of a young man that has spent his life being silenced and emotionally suppressed. His voice is a metaphor not only for the human ability to talk, but also for his entire life. Sometimes we talk but are not saying much, Archer, on the other hand, expressed little, but his silence spoke volumes.
This warm and emotionally charged novel brings a strong message about the search for one's voice – search for finding what we are – what we are meant to be.
What does our voice says about us? Did we used it today to do some good? Did we use our abilities and skills to show the best version of ourselves? Or did we suppress our needs, our desires? Did we kill our voice before it even got the chance to be heard?
 There are million ways for us to express who we are. Just like Archer, we too should strive to open our hearts and let our voice out. Show what we can do, prove out talent and all that potential that has been sleeping inside of us all this time. In silence.
I love books that hide some sort of deeper meaning beneath the obvious story. This novel touched me deep because, in some way, I was once hiding my wishes, making myself stay away from the things I wanted to do. Now I have this blog, a place where I share my voice with the world.
What do you do to share yours?
You can find the review in Croatian here.


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