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Review: Emma Chase: Royally Endowed

I was in some kind of crisis for the past week or two and it was all because I couldn't find anything interesting to read. I was actually quite scared that I wouldn't be able to find anything good to write this post about.
I mean, wtf! 😞
Something like that never happens to me!
But then a friend of mine reminded me, what about Royally Endowed by Emma Chase? What about Wicked Intentions by J.T.Geissinger, what about friggin Love Another Day by Lexi Blake? I totally forgot about some amazing novels published this summer!
Anywaaaay, this is the first from my mini-list mentioned above. 
I present to you Royally Endowed 😍, the third novel in Royally Screwed book series by Emma Chase.

A royal bodyguard falls for princess' sister in the grand finale of this a-ma-zing book series, the novel Royally Endowed.
Their love has grown for years, their attraction is undeniable.
Elle was still in high school when she first met Logan. Young, but successful, Logan came to the USA with the prince of Wessco, Nicholas, AKA His Royal Hotness. Not long after that, he's left to keep an eye on Elle, the younger sister of Olive, princes' new girlfriend.
Elle is finishing high school and looking forward to going to college. She's smart and persistent, and oh so in love with Logan.
They spend years in silent love, waiting for their time to come.
And then it does. 
But will love be enough to keep them together? 

Logan and Elle are two such sweet people. Don't get me wrong, the chemistry they share is palpable, and they are so hot together, but there's so much more than just the attraction that's between them.
The fact that they liked each other so much that they could stay apart for so long, denied their needs, without any of them forcing any kind of physical relationship, was such a new experience for me. 
Here we witnessed one positive, sassy, a bit naive girl falling for a man with a dirty mouth but a golden heart. What else do we even need?

Maybe a few of the characters we already had the pleasure to meet? No problem. We requested it, Chase delivered. Here's one of the moments where prince Henry got to remind us exactly why we love him:

"Do we still hang people?" Henry asks, philosophically. When he doesn’t get an answer, he adds, "If not, I’m bringing hanging back."
So that’s what Justin Timberlake would sound like if he were a serial killer.

I. Am. So. Sad. This. Series. Is. Over.
I want more royals from Emma Chase!  They're funny and sincere, their dialogues keep us smiling and their love affairs put satisfied grins on our faces. 
Emma's books get better and better with every series she offers to her readers, and as much as I'm sad to see the happy end of every one of the characters in Royally Screwed series, am also excited for other upcoming projects she has yet to publish. 

I'm sure you're going to have so much fun with this one. Enjoy it! 

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