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Review: Laura Kinsale: For My Lady's Heart

This is the third novel by Laura Kinsale I've read so far, and the one I liked the most
For my Lady's Heart is the first novel in Medieval Heart duology, followed by the novel Shadowheart.
If you ever feel the need to wonder in your mind through the history of man kind, stop somewhere in the Medieval Period to know the real meaning of terms law and fear of God. If you'd like a book to take you to this journey, this is the one you will want to buy.

After saving his life, the young princess has become a lady of one knight's heart.
Abandoned, penniless and broken, the only thing left to him were two emeralds his lady has sent to him.
More than a decade later, the green knight returns to keep his word and serve his lady.  Now he must save her and this is how they journey begins. 
Their travel makes them realize some old truths, do their penance and discover the love they have for each other.
The two of them set on their way, to flee the plague, famine, intrigues and dangerous enemies.

The protagonists of this novel are as realistic as they can get. The situation they live in is something modern people will never get to experience, but we get to feel their emotion and that is the best thing one can find in a book.

Fear of God, the great respect for another human being and humbleness are the base of every move Ruck and Melanthe make, even those we may see as cruel.

Ruck is a man of his word. A medieval version of a man every modern woman would surely want to find for herself. He's reliable, loyal and persistent, he doesn't hide his flaws but he never loses his focus. 
Melanthe is a woman who always has to hide behind a man, and she hates it. As a woman, she can't show how smart and cunning she really is. Not even her social position can guarantee she would be safe from suitors chasing her title. She lives in constant fear of being killed or made to marry a man she would never love or like.

Laura Kinsale takes us to the times where nobody would hope for two people as different as Ruck and Melanthe to ever end up together. The time when people lived by the laws of men and laws of God and put their life last in fear of being forever banned from heaven.
This novel allows us to experience love, devotion, and determination from an entirely different but oh so beautiful perspective.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

Here you can find a review of this novel in Croatian.

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