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Review: S.E.Phillips: First Star I See Tonight

 What to say about S.E.Phillips novels that hasn't been said yet? Somehow, I can't seem to skip any of her novels and every time I look between her pages, I remember why that is. She made me love romance novels, so there's no wonder I still read every one of them. Today, I'm writing about the First Star I See Tonight, the no.8 in Chicago Stars book series.

 Her disguise is perfect, nobody will recognize her. Nobody.
Until he bring her to his office and asks why was she following him for the last few days.
Shit. Her disguise wasn't good enough.
But she will not give up. She's so much smarter than this...this...football player.
She will work for him and show him she's right. He needs her.
He really is in danger.

 This book is about two stubborn people, two sides of the same coin. Piper and Cooper are that exactly, determined, smart and brave, and they personalities make them fight for power, something the readers appreciate the most.

Piper's not really lady-like. She doesn't care about her hair nor her clothes, and only thing she finds important is her job. To finally be the best at what she does - to achieve the goals she has set for herself a long time ago - and that is what ultimately brings her to Cooper's doorstep.
And to him, life is good. It's always good to be Cooper. Everybody knows him, all the world loves him.
Until certain miss Esmeralda walks through the door and turns his world around.

 They will need nerves of steel to survive each other, and us, the readers, won't always be sure for which one of him to cheer. They will make each other (and us), crazy, and make us fall in love. And that makes it the best part.

For those of you that fallow Chicago Stars series from the start, some of the well known characters that appear here will make you especially happy. S.E.Phillips does it again: same old humor, same old characters that win our heart.

S.E.Phillips is the queen of romance. There will be no time period when her novels become 'old' or 'outdated'. I'm sure you share my opinion. If not, be sure to leave yours in the comment section.

The review in Croatian you can find here.

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