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Review: J.T.Geissinger: Wicked Sexy and Wicked Intentions

I'm so glad to finally be able to write about these two absoultely beautiful novels, the best I've had the pleasure to read this summer. I'll definitely judge these two by their covers and say they're raw and hot from the outside as much as from the inside.
Let's enjoy Wicked Beautiful and Wicked Intentions, novels number two and three in Wicked Games book series.

Wicked Sexy

Tabitha West is a hacker. She's smart and determined, has an obsession with Hello Kitty and piercings in unmentionable places. She's also dangerous because she's everywhere. Don't be mistaken. If you have internet acces, she can find you too.
And that's the reason why the world's most notorious villain want's her to make his evil plans a reality.
Connor Hughes thought he knew everything there is to know about computers. He's an ex-special ops office and CEO of Metrix Security. He's effective, reliable an he's good looking. Sooo handsome. But then a cyber criminal starts to threaten one of his clients, Connor realizes he needs help.
And the only one that can help him is Tabby, the one woman he likes, but that doesn't like him.

Wicked Intentions

Mariana Lora has a plan. A plan that includes a ripped, handsome and unbelievably dangerous ex-special-ops officer Ryan McLean. Him, his room, his bed and a sleeping pill. It also includes using his room to get to the floor above his, into the room where the Saudi prince keeps the jewels she planns to steal. What she doesn't plan is to feel such a connection with this man, she can never be with.
Ryan came to the island to rest. Seriously. He planned to stay far from any trouble and very near the beauty that keeps glancing at him from the other side of the swimming pool. She likes him, she comes to his bed. Everything goes as planned. 
Until the noises wake him up the next day and people tell him the thruth. The jewels had been stolen, and the persone who has done it is the woman who slept in his bed.
It's Ryans job to find people, and now he's going to have to find a woman no one has ever found before.

It's official. No one can create erotic tension between characters the way J.T.Geissinger can. While reading, I was melting,  actually crying in amazement. I'm sooo jealous of her characters - I want the kind of a relationship they have - the trust, the heat, the love...
Not many authors have that gift, the one to make prose sound like poetry.

After reading the first novel in this series, Wicked Beautiful, I thought Victoria and Parker would be my favourite characres. After reading about Tabby and Connor, I thought the same thing abouth them. Then I met Mariana and Ryan, and I honestly don't know anymore. I love them so much. All of them.

This author knows how to do her job. I can only imagine how much time shehas spend exploring all the stuff she was writing about: hacking, identity theft, computers, technology, robbery, conspiracy theories, human trafficking, criminal, mafia...such detailed backgrounds, so simply but beautifully written. 
Those novels remind me why I like to read romance.

There's no way one would start reading one of these novels, and not finish it in a day or two. Every sentence contains some important information, every information makes it more complicated and each story has it's reason. 

And did I mention that the climax of one of the novels takes place near the Croatian island of Vis? Yes, it does! 😁

These characters are one of those I will never get enough of. I'll read those novels time and time again, and I would really recommend you to give them a chance.

If you're looking for your next wickedly beautiful, sexy read, these novels are your next best friends. Enjoy them,

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