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Review: Elizabeth Hoyt: Thief of Shadows

Finally, here's Winter's story! He's the character that has intrigued me from the first moment I read about him, so I was reading this novel expecting much and getting even more! Today I'm writing about the Thief of Shadows, the novel number 4 in Maiden Lane series by Elizabeth Hoyt.

It's not easy to be the headmaster of the home for foundling children. It's even more difficult to be the headmaster of a home for foundling children by day and the notorious Ghost of St. Giles by night.
It's very hard. And very lonely.
Lond time ago, Winter Makepeace took a vow of celibacy, one that would assure for him to have no distractions while doing what he has to do, saving those who can't save themselves.
But then came lady Isabel Beckinhall, a widow not shy, nor humble. Her boldness and beauty made him think about more than just revenge and justice. The brave Ghost would soon realize that while fighting to save the innocent, he has lost something, something he gave up freely - his heart to a woman who can save him from his own demons.

I could hardly wait to finally read about the Ghost of St. Giles! I know that the blurb tells us about his identity, but did you guess who the Ghost was before reading it? There actually is another secret regarding the famous person under disguise, but we get to find out that secret at the end of this novel so I'm not planning to tell you what it is.

I love it when the stories I read about hide a secret, one that is dangerous for more than just the two protagonists in question, and Hoyt is here to deliver. I have to admit that (once again), this novel is the best so far and will hope to see more characters as brave and bold as Isabel Beckinhall. The lady seriously rocks!

So, let's repeat to remember. This story (and those before it) is set in 1730s London. It shows us the difference between the poor who survive by begging or stealing and the rich who live unconscious of the way the real world works. By reading, we get to wander the streets of St.Giles, those full of criminals, ghosts and other dangerous vigilantes that are yet to be discovered. 
If you want to know more, check out the Makepeace family tree here.

After reading the last few pages of this novel, the only thing I have to say is: damn, I need to read the rest. This will be an interesting fall!

Here you can find this review in Croatian.

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