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Review: Kristen Ashley: Deacon

I remember saying, in my review about Raid, that he was my fovourite Unfinished Hero, yet I'm not so sure anymore. Raid was relaxed, funny and playful and now here we have a man different in every way. A man of mystery, of danger. There is a cloud of mist around Deacon that doesn't let us see much about him.
I've also said I liked to see big bad guys falling hard for a girl, and Deacon gave me just that.
So let's see why I liked this novel so much.

Deacon hides quite a hideous past and still lives in the shadow of it. He lives a lonely life, away from everybody and has no intention of changing anything about himself.
He likes to live in places far from civilization so it's no wonder he chooses to stay at some remote cabins in the Colorado Mountains. At her place. 
He soon finds himself lusting for Cassidy Swallow, a young and beautiful owner but knows he can't make a move to get her. He deserves better than him. 
So he tries to stay away and he keeps his distance. Until that one time, he just can't. 
And that is all the opportunity Cassidy needs to make him fall for her completely.

As much as those heroes of ours are brave, though and sometimes a bit mean, they're also just men. Ultimately, they all thrive on understanding, acceptance, and love. The more we read the Unfinished Heroes series, the more serious the novels become. Deacon's personality is maybe the most different from all of the others and that's probably why I liked him so much. Him being so secretive makes us turn the pages and keep wondering about what has happened to him that has made him suffer.
While reading Deacon, I felt like I've just entered into some new world that had nothing to do with the one I got to know with the Knight. Deacon makes us question everything, himself included, every step of the way, and he still manages to steal our hearts. That is the dangerous part about him. As TS would say, he's so bad, but he does it so well 😜
Deacon's got balls, self-control anyone should envy him for and likes to have a certain kind of fun in the bedroom.

Ladies, it's time for you to get to know Deacon. 

The only men left for us now is Nick Sebring, and his story should be the most emotional and the sweetest. He's the author's favourite Hero so I do expect him to be special in more than just one way. 

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