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Review: Katy Evans: Manwhore

Yesterday evening I had no idea what this review would be about. I've read a few interesting books and couldn't decide which one to write about.But when I woke up this morning, somewhere around six thirty, the answer was clear. It would be about something hot and sizzling, something that makes me warm inside.
Well, because there was snow outside.
Yep, I woke up with the first snow this season covering my yard, and I loved it!
But let's face it, it was also cold, so something scorching is exactly what we need.
That's how I chose to talk about the Manwhore, the first novel in the Manwhore series by Kary Evans.

The only thing saint about this man is his last name. He's all about sin. The way he talks, the way he looks at me, the way he thinks about me. I don't know what his exact thoughts are, but I can see them in his eyes. They are the work of the devil himself.
That's what he is. Mysterious. Privileged. Legendary.
He's my story.
I'm just a woman with one job to do, one job that could same my career. The only thing I have to do is stay focused and report.
Because that's what I do. Or at least, that is what I did.
Before I met Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint.
The man who became the best story of my life. 
And the only one I don't want to share.

I love it when it snows. I'm just one of those people who love to see seasons change. I love to feel the cold of the winter so I can look forward to the hot of the summer. And since this is the last day of November, a bit of snow is just what I needed to welcome December the right way.
I will greet December in my bed today, reading the next book in this series. What can I tell you, Manwhore was just that kind of perfect. You know, the kind of perfect when you finish reading it somewhere around two thirty in the morning, close the book and stare at the cover knowing you will not be able to sleep now. No way. 
You keep seeing this man every time you close your eyes. That's how good Malcolm Saint is.

 The tension, the expectation, the arousal...just being in the room with this novel makes you feel it all.
The characters are funny, willful and spirited, and the attraction between them is the real deal. Palpable and unstoppable. I loved the erotic scenes, especially the relationship they shared in the beginning. I think I've never read a better kissing scene than in this book.

But I have to warn you. This is not over yet. Saint did not yet reveal all of his secrets to me. Another sleepless night is ahead of me, another chance for him to torture me the sweetest way possible. 

I'm starting Manwhore +1 tonight, the second book in this series and the one that will finally let me see the real man behind the mask of the Sinner. 

Sooooo! I'm ready to stop blabbing and start reading. You should too. Go get your copy of this novel, get yourself a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable. 
And just start reading already!

Look for the review of this novel in Croatian here.

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