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Review: Tessa Dare: Any Duchess Will Do

This week is the most important week in the life of every true bookworm in my country. We're visiting Interliber, the biggest international book fair in Croatia, and I'm having the time of my life working for one of the Croatian publishers, Naklada Neptun. 
The book I'm writing about today is one of the three novels they've published yesterday, 
Any Duchess Will Do by Tessa Dare.

What would you do if you'd wake up and realize you were abducted by your own cunning mother and brought to the place full of young ladies - to find one of them and eventually marry her?
If you were Griffin York, the Duke of Halford, you would play by her rules and make her hate the game, by choosing the most inappropriate of the ladies - a servant.
Griffin offers Pauline a small fortune for a week in his employment and the only thing she has to do is fail in everything his mother teaches her.
The only thing he has to do is not to fall for her.

Are you looking for a historical romance novel with a deep story that would make you both swoon and laugh out loud? Well, you've found it.
Tessa Dare does it like no other. She creates characters nobody can resist. Once again, were visiting Spindle Cove, this time to meet Pauline, a girl sweet as a candy, always restless, incredibly brave and loyal. 
Pauline is special in her endeavor to succeed in life, even though, considering the time she lives in, there is no chance she could do it on her own. 

And that's what he likes about her. Griffin didn't even dream about ever meeting a girl like Pauline. As any other arrogant duke would do, he walked into the situation his mother put him into, head held high, too stubborn to be careful. So he was in for a surprise, for a lesson about life and love he would never forget. And it would be delivered by a servant that is everything but ordinary.

Griffin and Pauline will very easily become your two favorite characters by Tessa Dare. The language, the writing style, dialogues and descriptions, all of it screams read me, love me! I'm so happy Croatian readers will be able to enjoy this novel, and I certainly hope you'll give it a chance too.

There is one more novel in this book series, Do You Want To Start a Scandal, one I hope to soon see on our bookshelves, but until then, let's enjoy the one we have in front of us.

Here you can find this review in Croatian.
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