četvrtak, 21. prosinca 2017.

Recenzija: E.L.James: Mračniji

*Mister Grey will see you now.*
Evo nas opet. Još jedan nastavak najomiljenijeg ili najomraženijeg serijala modernog doba objavljen je prije manje od mjesec dana.
Govorim, naravno, o romanu Mračniji, drugom dijelu u trilogiji Pedeset nijansi kroz oči Christiana Greya
I ovaj roman preveo je Fokus.

Review: E.L.James: Darker

*Mister Grey will see you now.*
Here we go again. Another book in, in what some would call the most loved and others the most hated book series of 21.century (for now).

This review is about Darker, the second book in Fifty Shades as Told by Christian book series.
I recommend reading this trilogy after the original Fifty Shades otherwise it will not make any sense for you.

četvrtak, 14. prosinca 2017.

Review: Sabaa Tahir: A Torch Against the Night

Last week I've been looking around Amazon, searching for my next read and I wanted it to be something different. I ended up with Egomaniac, because I just couldn't resist him, but this week I didn't deviate from my original plan. It had to be fantasy, with a bit of magic and a lot of mystery.

And then I remembered A Torch Against the Night and how I still didn't read it. Unforgivable.
It's the second book in An Ember in the Ashes book series, and it will be followed by two more novels, once they get published in 2018 and 1019.

nedjelja, 10. prosinca 2017.

5 božićnih poklona za knjiškog moljca

 🎄Evo nam opet najljepšeg i najveselijeg doba godine!🎄
Stižu nam božićni i novogodišnji praznici što znači da je vrijeme za 

Svi koji su ikada kupovali poklon ženama, znaju da su one vrlo jednostavna bića. 
Dobro, priznajmo si, istina je upravo suprotna.
Žene knjiški moljci zaista nisu komplicirani. 

5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Your Bookworm

Ho, ho,Ho!
Christmas is around the corner. It's that time of the year again, people, it's time for

If you've ever been buying a gift for a woman, you know we're such simple beings.
Okay, let's face it, we're everything but.
Female bookworms are not thet complicated at all.

četvrtak, 7. prosinca 2017.

Review: Vi Keeland: Egomaniac

Me on Amazon:
My heart *hyperventilating*: Oh, look, another book with a hot guy on the cover!
My brain *rolls eyes*: Calm down, Rose, you came here to buy a fantasy novel. Stop gawking at that romance shelf.
My heart *pouting*: But he's got abs.
My brain *skeptically*: They all do.
My heart *now hysterical*: But the bow tie!
My brain *bares teeth*: Shut up!
My heart *knowingly*: But it's by Vi Keeland.
My brain *eyes wide open*: Oh, we're so buying this sh*t!

And that, ladies and gents, is how much it took me to get my Egomaniac

Model on cover: Clément Becq