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5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Your Bookworm

Ho, ho,Ho!
Christmas is around the corner. It's that time of the year again, people, it's time for

If you've ever been buying a gift for a woman, you know we're such simple beings.
Okay, let's face it, we're everything but.
Female bookworms are not thet complicated at all.

I've had the opportunity to witness how some people think it's not okay to gift a person with a book if they've already done that sometimes in the past. Let me tell you something. That's bullsh*t.
By believing that, you complicate your own life.
I'll say that loud and clear once more: 
there is no better gift for a bookworm, than a book. No matter the occasion.

(Only the following things are excluded from this rule: an engagement ring, a new car, a vacation on an exotic island 😂)

So since we're clear on that, we're moving on now onto something a bit more interesting. Today I'm gonna help you find a perfect Christmas present for your lady bookworm. I said lady bookworm, because somehow I don't think that things I'm mentioning here would amaze a lot of male booklovers.

If you're looking for an aswer on what to give to a guy, sister, you're in a wrong place. I still haven't figured out what (present) would make a guy happy.
And they say women are complicated...😉

So what are the thing that would put a smile on your lady's face?


Along with a cup of coffee or tea and something sweet, a bookmark is something that you just don't go without if you're a reader. 
Did you ever come ascross a book with a sock stuffed between the pages? That's because the person didn't have a bookmark at hand.
If you decide to gift someone with one of those, make sure you buy a special one (or more). It doesn't have to be made out of paper. You can buy wooden, metalic or bookmarks made of elastic materials, like the ones on the photo below.

There are many people who make original, personalizied, unique bookmarks and there is still time to get in touch with them. Look around on the internet, you can find so many different kinds there.

2. Clip on Readin Lights

This maybe the smatrest thing inventerd for the peole who prefer "real" book over ebooks.
It's small and portable, you can recharge it or put new batteries in it, clip it directly to the book and it won't leave marks on the pages. You can fold its body and adapt it to every book. Clip on Readin Lights come in different sizes and colors and are available online.

3. Pillows and pillow cases

Nobody would come up with that, right? But think about it, every bookworm has a special place where they usually read and I bet there are some pillows around that place somewhere. While we read, we change positions a lot so our pillows get misshaped and pillow cases lose color. 
This holidays you can get them new pillow cases with Christmas motifs, like Chrestmas trees, reindeers or Christmas lights. 

4. Book Shaped Boxes

I love those. They are not used while reading, but are perfect as a storing place. Most women keep their jewellery in them.
They are made of wood or cardboard, you can get them in various sizes and colors and maybe even get them done by somebody who's good with DIY. They will make them as unique as it gets.

5. Books

As I've said, you can never go wrong with a book. 
Look around your lady's bookshelf. What does she read? Is there any book series she still hasn't completed? Ask around with book bloggers, friend and even publishers.
And, please, wrap that baby into a pretty decorative paper. 
Us bookworms love the anticipation 😉

I hope I made you think outside the box this holidays. If you decide to give someone some of the mentioned stuff, let me know how did it go. Were they happy with the gift? Also, comment below if you can remember of some other book related gadget that would make a useful gift.

Good luck shopping for your lady bookworm! See you in a few days,

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