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Review: Vi Keeland: Egomaniac

Me on Amazon:
My heart *hyperventilating*: Oh, look, another book with a hot guy on the cover!
My brain *rolls eyes*: Calm down, Rose, you came here to buy a fantasy novel. Stop gawking at that romance shelf.
My heart *pouting*: But he's got abs.
My brain *skeptically*: They all do.
My heart *now hysterical*: But the bow tie!
My brain *bares teeth*: Shut up!
My heart *knowingly*: But it's by Vi Keeland.
My brain *eyes wide open*: Oh, we're so buying this sh*t!

And that, ladies and gents, is how much it took me to get my Egomaniac

Model on cover: Clément Becq

The night I met him I thought he was breaking and entering into my office. I attacked the poor guy...
...and made the fu*ker laugh at me for it.
My Krav Maga skills did not impress him in the slightest and as it turned out, I was the one breaking into his place. He kicked me out. He did it politely, but still.
And I had no place to go.
But the arrogant, uppity, proud egomaniac soon decided to show his gentle side and took me back in.
Now, somehow, we get along just fine. Somehow we even like each other and it's becoming dangerous. 
He's a divorce attorney and I'm a psychologist who helps people save their marriages.
I believe in love, he doesn't. 
What the hell are we doing?

Model : Clément Becq

This is the third novel by Vi Keeland that I've read (after Stuck-Up Suit and Mister Moneybags) and the first one I'm reviewing. Don't ask me why it took me so long, I'm not proud of myself. 

Egomaniac deserves his own review not only for being funny, entertaining and unique but also because it was one of the nominees for the best romance novel of 2017. on Goodreads.

Model: Clément Becq
This is a story of a guy and a girl with different believes and life experiences but with the same goal: to finally find peace somewhere and just be happy.

Drew Michael Jagger aka the Egomaniac, will seduce and charm you, that's a fact. He's rich, sophisticated and not at all humble. But deep down he's a sweet guy with a weakness, and you would never guess what that weakness is.
That's why I liked him, because he kept surprising me and making me love every page of this novel.

Every book I've read by Vi Keeland makes me love her even more. She makes her characters fresh and the attraction between them undeniable. Her dialogues are full of humor and her plots make me bite my nails in expectation. You should definitely give this author a chance.

If you want to have a good time this weekend, plan a private party with Egomaniac.

Here you can find the review of this novel in Croatian.

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