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Review: Cora Carmack: All Lined Up

I'm writing about Cora Carmack again! I can hardly believe it! I have to thank one of my bookish friends for gifting me with this novel, otherwise, I'm not sure I would ever pick up anything by this author again (I'll explain myself in a second).
So, today I will be talking about All Lined Up, the first novel in Rusk University book series, followed by All Broke Down, All Played Out, All Closed Off, and the fifth and last one - still not published and none named novel.

In Dallas' life, two things were always cherished above all else —football and gossip. She knew much about both but also hated them fiercely. The only thing she wanted was to finish high school and dance. But after the first semester at her new university has started, she realized there was no escaping the past. Her father got the job at the Rusk University and her ex-boyfriend became the biggest star of its football team. 
She couldn't move without every of her step being followed by curious glances by her colleagues, ready to go to her overprotective father and tell on her.
After Dallas met Carson McClain, it became even worse. He was handsome and so nice, but he was one of his father's players.
If they want to be together, Dallas and Carson will have to find a to prevent her father to kick Carson out of the team and make him start seeing her as a grown-up person, ready and entitled to make her own decisions.

As I've said, I'm not a big fan of C.Carmack since I've read her novel Losing It. I found some parts of that book ridiculous and well, dumb (you can find the review at the bottom of this page). I would never recommend people not to read it because there would always be some who would like it - and that's fine by me - but I can't say I enjoyed it. 
I never had the intention to read anything by Cora again, but then I've got All Lined Up and just had to give it a shot.
And I'm glad I did because this novel is quite okay.

So fear not, I won't project my feeling about Losing It onto All Lined Up.
All Lined Up is a part of different book series and it's better in every aspect. It's a young adult novel that won't really surprise you in any way or bring any tension into your evening, but it's still a nice read for younger people and it proves some important points.

It will show us that persistence does pay off and younger people can sometimes be wiser than the older, more experienced ones.
It will remind us that we're never alone. There's always at least one person that cares about us. Even though sometimes we can't find a way to communicate our feelings, we can always count on them.
And lastly, it will prove that love is so much more than the sexual act between two people - and when that is shown by two young, but responsible people, it speaks volumes.

The fact that All Lined Up even made me smile a few times, makes me even happier. If you've loved Cora Carmack so far, with this novel, you're gonna love her even more.

Let me know if you agree,

Here you can find this review in Croatian.
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