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Review: Mia Sheridan: Kyland

"Remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for."
- Epicurus

If I would have to use only one word to describe this book I'd say hopeful. Today we're talking about the second novel in Sign of Love book series by Mia Sheridan, 

Kyland, published 2015.

I haven't even finished reading yet (have thee more pages to go while I'm writing this), and yet I'm already typing. I just can't wait to tell you about it.

The only thing Tenleigh Falyn has to do every morning is to try to survive the day.
She lives with her sister and her mentally ill mother in a trailer, works to be able to buy them food and has no right to hope for something better. 
Yet she hopes. Tenleigh is trying to win the college scholarship. She needs it to go away, finish school and become a person who could save her family.
And then there's Kyland. He lives near her trailer and he's as poor as she is. He's trying to win the scholarship too. 
After getting to know him better, Tenleigh realizes just how amazing Kyland is.
Tenleigh decides to let herself fall in love with the boy who understands her, even though she knows one of them would soon leave. And the other would stay in that godforsaken town forever.

Remembering how much I liked Archer's Voice, I decided to read another one of Mia's novels, and that's how I ended up meeting Kyland.
I've been expecting another romance novel with a powerful and important message, and it was exactly what I've got. That and so much more. 
Somewhere between the genres of the young and new adult, Kyland is a novel that would make every generation of readers love it with all their hearts.

It's incredible how powerful books can be. Not only can they make us laugh or cry, but they often make us stand still, look around and bow our head with respect for everything we see. And say thank you.

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to say a little thank you every night for at least one thing that made me happy that day. I could be thankful for a simple thing as making myself a particularly nice cup of coffee. The point is to bring to consciousness that there's so much that I have and own. There are so many 
beautiful things in my life.

Today I've expressed my gratitude for this book. It reminded me that even today there are so many people that had to let go of their pride and dignity to be able to bring food to their tables or build a roof over their heads.

 Unselfishness, dedication, and sacrifice - the most altruistic of characteristics are normally found in those who own the least in materialistic things. The other thing we find in this novel is hope. We learn that when there's no obvious 
way out, the door opens to let the new light in. No sacrifice that we do for those we love is ever in vain.

While reading this novel I felt so privileged, but also aware of the fact there are people in this world that live exactly the way this novel shows us. But they never give up.
The only thing they've got is a decision to become more than they are.
And their hope makes them try again every morning.

Kyland will make you laugh and make you cry. It will take you to the small town in the middle of nowhere, Kentucky. On your journey, you'll live in an old trailer, eat canned food and work in a coal mine. You will meet two young people that what to leave that place more than anything in this world.
But for one another, they would also stay.

Mia Sheridan scored once again. Would you agree?

Here you can find this review in Croatian.
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