srijeda, 27. lipnja 2018.

Recenzija: Kristen Ashley: Sebring

Sjećate se Nicka Sebringa koji vam je, ako ste nabrijani čitatelj poput mene, sigurno išao na živce u Vitezu? 
E pa, onda ćete si nakon ove knjige, baš kao i ja, pregristi jezik. Jer ja sam se zaljubila.
Hoće li, i kada, knjiga svjetlo dana ugledati kod nas, ne znam, ali znam da 
zavređuje svoju recenziju, a na ovom će je blogu zato i dobiti.

četvrtak, 21. lipnja 2018.

Review: Rachel Van Dyken: Dirty Exes

Oh my god, thank you so much for making me smart enough to pick up this book! The novel
Dirty Exes 
has been published earlier this month and after seeing what a great job Rachel did with Wingman, Inc. book series I just had to read it immediately. 
Dirty Exes is the first novel in Liars, Inc. book series, followed by Dangerous Exes (release date October 2018).

četvrtak, 14. lipnja 2018.

Review: Raine Miller: Filthy Rich

I can't believe it has been more than five years since I've read something by Raine Miller. I've read The Blackstone Affair and then the Cherry Girl, and now here I am again, this time with 
Filthy Rich
Caleb Blackstone in Blackstone Dynasty book series. The book has been published in 2016, but we've just got our own translation in Croatia, with the same absolutely amazing cover.

srijeda, 6. lipnja 2018.

Review: Kendall Ryan: Bro Code

The most important codex among guys is, of course, the Bro Code, and the rule no.1 is simple and well known: "Bros before Hoes", also known as "friends before women" or "place thine higher priorities on brethren, not wenches".
Bro Code, 
by Kendall Ryan, is a sexy novel focused on that exact first rule, the most important one, and the one that, at least in the romance genre, always gets broken.