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Review: Kendall Ryan: Bro Code

The most important codex among guys is, of course, the Bro Code, and the rule no.1 is simple and well known: "Bros before Hoes", also known as "friends before women" or "place thine higher priorities on brethren, not wenches".
Bro Code, 
by Kendall Ryan, is a sexy novel focused on that exact first rule, the most important one, and the one that, at least in the romance genre, always gets broken.

Barrett liked Ava since they were teenagers, but the rule was simple: do not touch your friend's sister.
And he cares for his friend.
So Barrett decided never to touch the brilliant, beautiful girl Ava has become from the last time he saw her.

But then she looks at him. Ava looks at him and everything is written in her eyes: her lust, her willingness, and her love.
So he goes for it.

But life has plans of its own. Both Ava and Barrett are ambitious and determined to chase their own careers and ultimately, that's what becomes the biggest problem standing between their happiness.

There is one person who can help, though: Ava's brother and Barrett's friend. That is if he's ready to forgive Barrett for messing with the Bro Code.

Model: Chris Evans

You've probably heard about the famous term Bro Code already, especially if you've watched the TV show How I Met Your Mother. In HIMYM, Barney Stinson has popularized the term by using a book under the same name, created by himself and the authors of the series. The book was actually published and features 150 rules that 'bros' should follow to show respect for each other. You can buy the book here
The term Bro Code has been used in Seinfeld and Office, and it's widely used in popular culture today.

I find the idea of the Bro Code enticing and it was what made me interested in reading this novel. I loved K.Ryan in Filthy Beautiful Lies and Hitched book series and even though this book is standalone, my previous experience was enough to make me reach for it as soon as it was available. The novel was published May 1.

In this novel, the Bro Code forbids Barrett to da date and love Ava, because she's his best friend's sister - and a bro never touches the sister of another bro. 
I've been expecting some hot and merciless sexy time between the protagonists, that would end up in a walk of shame or a guilty conscience. I've prepared myself for some epic arguments and even some bro fight, but it did not happen. Why?
Because our male protagonist is in love. Sweet, sweet man. He's in love.
And that means Barrett is serious with Ava from the moment he sees her again. He's motivated by true feelings and acts accordingly.

The story of Ava and Barrett will make you squirm in happiness. The characters fight their attraction, but it is stronger than some law that makes them feel guilty for loving each other. The story progression is well paced and, of course, the stakes are high. Their relationship will cost both of them something they have worked hard for - but real love is worth it.

Barret is one of those characters who say it and mean it.
Ladies, get ready to fall in love.

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