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Review: Rachel Van Dyken: Dirty Exes

Oh my god, thank you so much for making me smart enough to pick up this book! The novel
Dirty Exes 
has been published earlier this month and after seeing what a great job Rachel did with Wingman, Inc. book series I just had to read it immediately. 
Dirty Exes is the first novel in Liars, Inc. book series, followed by Dangerous Exes (release date October 2018).

Meet Blair. She never had any luck with love. Her husband cheated and the only other guy she ever had feelings for left her behind - to chase his career in sports.
While drowning her sorrow in alcohol she hears another girl screaming on her boyfriend - who cheated. Blair liked the girl, and Isla liked her back. And that's how Dirty Exes were born - a PI agency that exposed cheaters.
A year later Blair and Isla have their business going great, until the day they get a new client. She claims her husband has a lover and wants Blair to prove it.
Piece of cake, right? Well, not really.
The guy that's supposedly cheating? It's Jessie, the man who left Blair and went away to play football.
But not to worry, after all, Blair is a professional. She'll do what it has to be done, even though she still feels something for Jessie, and he obviously still likes her.
So Blair will have to ask for help, and help she'll get. Colin, Jessie's best friend, will be there to assist her in every way possible. He'll make her feel safe and sexy and sooo hot. He'll make her want him.
But sooner or later, Blair will have to choose. 
Colin or Jessie?

A few months back I fell in love with Ian and Lex in Wingman, Inc. and here I am today, drooling over the new, hot and extremely funny guy (I'm not gonna say his name, because spoilers) who's doing a great job seducing Ian's sister Blair.

I almost forgot what an amazing stories Rachel writes. Her plots are refreshing, and her characters are so damn cute. Here we have (some sort of) a love triangle between three people we learn to deeply care about. That destroys me every time. It's easy to hate a bad guy where there is a bad guy, but how do you pick between two men so perfect and so sinful at the same time?

Once again, Rachel showed us how fucked up human emotions are, how many layers is every one of us made of and how complicated it could be to want to do the right thing. 
But the best part of this novel are funny and witty dialogues that made the sexual tension between characters visible and palpable. And Colin.
Oh, God. Colin.
What a very talented man. Are there more guys like him somewhere? Anywhere? 😋
I have a serious crush on every single one of Rachels male characters and I'm not even sorry.

Dangerous Exes is to be released later this year so that means it's time for you to meet our trio as soon as you get the chance. You'll love them.
There's nothing like spending the summer with a dirty ex.


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