subota, 25. kolovoza 2018.

Review: Sally Thorne: The Hating Game

"I have a theory. Hating someone feels disturbingly similar to being in love with them."
(The Hating Game by Sally Thorne)

When was the last time I picked up anything from the chick-lit genre? I have no idea, but don't hate me! You need me to tell you a thing or two about 
The Hating Game,
the first novel by Sally Thorne, an extraordinary funny novel that will make you fall in love with the author, the characters and even the grumpiest person you know.

petak, 17. kolovoza 2018.

Review: Elle Kennedy: The Chase

As any other bookworm with a TBR list longer than there are days in all of the future years of my life (and I hope there will be many, many years 😅), I certainly did not have a place to put
The Chase
on. But then the book was published earlier this month, and somehow there I was, reading the book first chance I've got.
But you can't blame me! I'm just a fascinated reader trying to resist Elle Kennedy...Show me one person who could do that!
Nobody. Exactly.

četvrtak, 9. kolovoza 2018.

Recenzija: Kendall Ryan: Partner i Dadilja

Znate koji je jedan od najboljih osjećaja? Kad knjige izlaze tom brzinom da jednostavno ne stignem tipkati recenzije tako brzo da ih izbacim na vrijeme! Ma nema boljega, nego kad pročitamo jednu knjigu iz serijala, a druga izlazi 2 ili 3 dana kasnije. 
Upravo na taj način objavljeni su nam nastavci iz serijala Cimeri, autorice Kendall Ryan u izdanju 24 sata. Nakon Cimera, stigli su nam 
Partner i Dadilja,
a jučer je objavljen i posljednji roman u serijalu, Srodna duša.

četvrtak, 2. kolovoza 2018.

Review: Vi Keeland: Bossman

Every now and then I find myself reading one of Vi Keelands novel. After Egomaniac, Stuck-Up Suit and Mister Moneybags, the last few days I've been spending with the hot and sexy, perfect for summer, 

srijeda, 1. kolovoza 2018.

August 2018 - New Releases - ROMANCE and EROTICA

The new releases of favorite authors of romance novels and erotica 


Summer Heat

                                         (Cruel Summer #1)

by Rachel Van Dyken


August 2018 - New Releases - FANTASY

The new releases of some of my favorite authors of fantasy novels


Catwoman: Soulstealer
(CD Icons #3)
by Sarah J.Maas