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Review: Vi Keeland: Bossman

Every now and then I find myself reading one of Vi Keelands novel. After Egomaniac, Stuck-Up Suit and Mister Moneybags, the last few days I've been spending with the hot and sexy, perfect for summer, 

Reese was ready to go, to run from the disastrous date with a totally boring guy, when Mr. Perfect walked in, looking like sex on the stick. He was obviously smart and actually saved her from a night that promised everything but to end well.
After that, she met him again, and again. Until she realized that, thanks to him, she was able to find a new job.
In his company.
Over the night, the man she thought about while masturbating, became her boss.

He didn't want her to work for him. Chase had other plans for Reese, but now she works for him so he has to change his game. He's determined to have her in his bed no matter what. But she keeps telling her no.

But he knows he wants him. The attraction between them is impossible to ignore, and really hard to fight. They will have to make an important decision soon: should they give in and explore the passion between them, or should they back of and keep things strictly professional?
After all, so much is on the line...

Did you know that Bossman ended up being number one on the New York Times bestselling ebooks list? Yes, it did.

This novel tells the story Chase and Reese, a sexy boss and a new girl, a couple that will make us love this hot and even a bit dangerous office romance. The duo will try to resist each other, list the reasons why they shouldn't be together, and then find even more reasons why they should - making this novel a funny and interesting read for the hot summer days ahead of you.

Vi Keeland writes books about characters whose troubles we can all understand perfectly well. Let's face it. We've all met this one person that was attractive as hell, but completely wrong for us. It's even possible that that one person was our own boss. So what did we do? Were we brave enough to give up without trying or bold enough to go for it? Whatever we decided, I bet we didn't make that decision easily.

That's why we like to read novels where funny characters like Reese and Chase give their best to survive their complex emotions. They struggle to hold their head high even when other people judge them, feel fear for there is so much to lose and learn to accept the things they learn about themselves during that process. 

Seriously, if Chase looks anything like the guy on the covers, no wonder Reese couldn't resist him and was ready to go through all of the trouble ;)

Bossman was published in 2016, and since then Vi has been working hard and published many of her new novels (the last one was published July 23). If you're one of her readers, you know she's also made some amazing collaborations with Penelope Ward. 

If you haven't read any books by Vi Keeland yet, Bossman is a good choice to start with. If you did, tell me, which one of them is your favorite?




1.0 -5.0

Hero: 5.0
Heroine: 5.0
Sexual tension: 4.0
Sex scenes: 5.0
Plot: 4.0
Dialogue: 4.0
Storytelling: 5.0
Story ending: 5.0
Secondary characters: 5.0
Humor: 3.0

Here you can find this review in Croatian.
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