nedjelja, 9. rujna 2018.

Review: T.M.Frazier: King

"There are two sides to every argument. Two ways to be wrong. Two ways to be right."
(King by T.M.Frazier)

I cannot believe it has been 4 years since this novel was published. The problem with having an e-reader full of books you just have to read (that is constantly growing) is that very often books get lost in a bunch, and you stumble over them many years later. That's what happened with
Once upon a time, I was so in love with this cover (and I still am) that I was obsessing over this book all over social media. When I found it a few days ago, I just knew it was time to finally read and review it. 

subota, 1. rujna 2018.

Review: Rosie Blake: My Hygge Holiday

It's been a long time since one of my book friends has sent me this novel, and even though this book is all about winter holidays, I couldn't resist it anymore.
My Hygge Holiday 
is the warmest book you're going to read this year.