ponedjeljak, 26. studenoga 2018.

Review: Emma Chase: Getting Schooled

"Looking back now, I should’ve known it was too good to be true." 
(Getting Schooled by Emma Chase)

I admit.
I totally went and purchased this book because of the hot guy on the covers. Yes, I did. Can you blame me? A few months ago, after hearing Emma Chase has published a book about two naughty teachers, I knew sooner or later I had to read it. But then, after actually looking at the covers, it was all about reading it as soon as possible. The blessed moment has come a few days ago – and boy, wasn't I happy!
Getting Schooled
is the first novel in Getting Some book series, soon to be your favorite book series ever.

subota, 3. studenoga 2018.

Review: Colleen Hoover: All Your Perfects

What is hidden behind happy ending?
If you ask any bookworm in Croatia about their favorite time of the year, they will, no exception, say it's the middle of November. It's the time of the biggest book fair in the country, and that means we will spend most of the next week and a half working on our to buy lists. And at the top of many of those lists there will be one name all of us know very well: Colleen Hoover. That notion made me look for and read one of her latest novels,
All Your Perfects.