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Review: Colleen Hoover: All Your Perfects

What is hidden behind happy ending?
If you ask any bookworm in Croatia about their favorite time of the year, they will, no exception, say it's the middle of November. It's the time of the biggest book fair in the country, and that means we will spend most of the next week and a half working on our to buy lists. And at the top of many of those lists there will be one name all of us know very well: Colleen Hoover. That notion made me look for and read one of her latest novels,
All Your Perfects.

Their marriage will destroy their love. 
Quinn and Graham feel deep for each other, but it seems love is the only thing they have left.
They are soul mates slowly losing hope after years of making mistakes, feeling weak and afraid. Everything they've been building is disappearing into dust, while they're holding on to the uncertain idea of what could yet one be.
They're desperate and scared. They are trying to find a way not to go crazy, to survive another day. And another. And one more...
But it's getting harder.
Will they make it?

How do you write a book about a topic as complicated and serious as this one and make people completely fall in love with it? Ask Colleen Hoover. Nobody else can do it. I was about to ask if any of you have read any of her novels, but what a silly question that would be. People don't read some of her novels, they read all of them. Let's face it: what CoHo writes, we read. Amen.
Every novel she publishes is better than the last. All Your Perfect shows us exactly how perfect it can be. Simply put, this book is a masterpiece.
Hoover is making us enter the home of two seemingly happy couple. They smile, they even laugh. They kiss. They feel the connection.
They feel it breaking...

What makes this novel so special is the fact it challenges everything we believe about true love. The only thing Graham and Quinn have is love they feel for one another. So is it enough? Does being loved mean we can't ask for more from our partner? From ourselves?
What happens when we focus so much on what we lack that we forget about everything we have to offer?
How do we treat the one we love when we start losing hope in them? In us? Do we keep trying or let them find their happiness elsewhere? Do we insist in our selfishness and make them stay, or push them away with to set them free of our demons?
And what if they never give up? Even after we did...
All Your Perfect is merciless. It's raw. It's a story about being broken. 

But if I had to use one phrase to describe this novel, I'd say it shows how painful true love can be.
Colleen always gives us the unexpected. She's known for writing more than just love stories. Her novels speak about topic the world wants to stay quiet about. She challenges what we believe and what we know about ourselves and the society we live in.
There's no need to emphasize how much I would recommend All Your Perfects. So I will just wish you: happy reading!



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