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Review: Anna B.Doe: Habits

"Why is this happening? Am I cursed or something?"
(Habits by Anna B. Doe)

This is happening fast, people. Anna is a girl on a mission, a girl with only one goal - to bring us the entire Greyford High series ASAP. Ain't that the reason enough to celebrate?
are here! As the second book in her new series, this novel will reveal to us what lies behind the stubbornness of the two highschoolers we've all been dying to meet for the last few months, since stepping into the story of Until.

Demons of past and present...
Secrets and fear.
Jannette Sanders and Andrew Hill hide their mistakes as much as they hide their insecurities.
She is constantly running from the past that just keeps chasing her. Her demons never let go, they just tighten their grip on her.
Greyford High was supposed to be her new beginning, but she never have thought she would meet a man like Drew.
Sexy, cold, a perfect hockey player...a ladies man. 
But Drew never counted on meeting a girl like Jannette either.
Now they're both in for a ride of their lives. 

Habits continue to follow the happenings in Greyford High. The new young adult novel will finally let us meet the notorious Ice Queen Jeanette Sanders and a bad boy Andrew Hill. It seems like our two sweethearts have nothing at all in common. They can't stand each other's company or the thought of another to be right at something.
But there is also a depth in their reasoning. Andrew has survived his fair share of betrayals that has lead him to guard his heart well against every romantic or warm emotion, even at such a young age.

Jeanette is cold, or so it seems. She openly shows intolerance towards other people and doesn't care that they see her as the Queen B(itch) of the entire Greyford High. She carries a feeling of distrust since she has been hurt very badly in the past. For her, it was easier to make people hate her than let them love her.

The thing with Anna's writing is that it is constantly evolving. There is such coherence in her thoughts and her skill to portray deep emotions is unbelievable. I would know, I've beta read all of her novels, and believe me, if there is one thing I keep repeating to her is that I can feel it. I can feel her characters. Her story.

This book is so easy to read but it comes with such profound messages. It shows real obstacles teenagers these days have to surpass to be able to have a normal life. Here we're reading about social inclusion problems, awkward friendships, bullying and eating disorders, the proof that this novel is so much more than an ordinary sports romance story.



1.0 -5.0

Hero: 5.0
Heroine: 5.0
Sexual tension: 5.0
Sex scenes: 5.0
Plot: 5.0
Dialogue: 4.0
Storytelling: 5.0
Story ending: 5.0
Secondary characters: 5.0
Humor: 3.0

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