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Review: Tara Sivec: At the Stroke of Midnight

"I’m going to go out there and show everyone that it’s possible for a housewife to make something of herself. Even if she has to make it by being a stripper."
(At the Stroke of Midnight by Tara Sivec)

Once upon a time I've came across the name of Tara Sivec and noticed her The Naughty Princess Club book series. The blurbs on all three of the books seemed cool, so I put them on my TBR list. A few days ago I finally picked the first book. Now I'm in some serious love with
At the Stroke of Midnight.
Keep reading to find out why.

Cindy is a perfect houswife. She's a tipical PTA mom, always there to take care of her teenage daughter and handsome, sucessful husband.
Until the day he leaves with more than a decade younger girl.
And it is the first time in more than ten years that Cindy will have to face the facts: she gave everything she had to her husband. Her best years, her love and her devotion. Until now she was able to mask her needs and desires, but now...it all surfaces.
It's time for Cindy to express her desires, verbalize her sexual needs and release her inner goddes: the stripper.
Take out your wallets, guys, here comes the Naughty Princess Club, here to entertain you.

The humor! It has been so long since a book made me smile and giggle like this one did. Everything about this novel is so sweet and sexy at the same time. Here we have a housewife turned princess turned stripper, a guy with eye chlamydia (trust me, it’s funny) and Chlone-a-Willy penis casting kit.

We could say the book is some kind of retelling, reminding us just a bit about a Cinderella fairy tale, but those similarities are minimal, and that is what makes the story amazing. You can feel them, but they are not obvious.

It is, first and foremost, a story about female friendship. At the Stroke of Midnight introduces three women, different in every way, but faced with the same problem: one man in their lives that keeps them from acheiving their true potential.

“I feel like this is fate, the three of us coming together like this. Cindy here is dealing with the fallout from a lying, cheating, money-stealing ex-husband. I’m trying to get over the fact that I wasn’t good enough to stop my ex from banging dudes while he took my money and ran. And you need to get out of Daddy’s basement. We’re smart women. If we put our heads together, I’m sure we can figure a way out of this shit.”

Then we get deeper into the story of Cindy, a young mother who has spent the last thirteen years as a wife and a mother, catering to the people she loves, doing everything for everyone else without giving a second thought to herself. She doesn’t work and has no money. She was a stay at home mother, always at disposal to her husband, always his shadow…always invisible. Insignificant.

And then, for the second time in her life, she finds herself alone and completely broke. Her obligation towards her daughter and her newly awoken desire to finally be herself make her make a serious decision: to start stripping.

“Stripping is all about anticipation. Building the excitement and making the audience want more up until the very last second. You’re not going to walk out on stage, or in front of a living room full of people, and immediately take your clothes off. You’re going to dance, you’re going to move sensually, and you’re going to tease them. I’m not stripped down to my bra and underwear until literally the last thirty seconds or so of the song I’m dancing to. As much as the audience wants to see that moment, the excitement is over as soon as they see it, and they’re going to start looking forward to the next dancer and lose focus on you. They want the thrill. They want the expectation; they want the fun of imagining what you look like under your costume more than they want to actually see it. Trust me. You get more tips during the lead-up to the big reveal than you do once your clothes are finally off. You just need to learn how to tease.”

So now we realize this is also a story of self-discovery. I’m gonna take a wild guess here and say most of us women aren’t used to taking out clothes off in public. I’m gonna take another daring guess and say a great percentage of us have some unexplored, unleashed sexual desires. What we’re having in this book is a woman finally reaching the bottom…so there’s really no way to go but up. After a real emotional and moral struggle, Cindy proved all of us that there’s no shame in being different and if there’s one thing we need to succeed in life, it’s confidence. People find out interesting things about themselves if they let themselves relax enough. But only a few are brave enough to chase those new dreams and decisions.

“Things don’t always need to be so neat and tidy. Life is messy. You’re never going to survive this if you don’t get your hands dirty.”

Are you ready to?




1.0 -5.0

Hero: 5.0
Heroine: 5.0
Sexual tension: 5.0
Sex scenes: 5.0
Plot: 5.0
Dialogue: 5.0
Storytelling: 5.0
Story ending: 5.0
Secondary characters: 5.0
Humor: 5.0

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